Wonderful to have you here! We believe that students often have very good ideas on how to make their school more sustainable. Greta Thunberg and her climate strikes already have shown that young people want to change and that are well aware of what climate change is about.

Eco-Schools gives you the opportunity to actively be engaged with your school. Your plans and ideas matter! They will all be taken into account to make the school a beautiful place. Together with other students you form a close team, wherein you can think and act sustainably. In this team you’ll have a lot of fun, being able to express your own interests and qualities.

Do you want all school classes to separate their paper, organic and residual waste? Would you like to plant a school garden? Have you always wanted to organize a clothing exchange, or do you want to organize a movie night where you can watch cool climate films together? With Eco-Schools you can learn how to organize and achieve these activities. Your ideas are taken serious in the Eco-Team. Besides, you can have fun working with fellow students, several teachers and an external supervisor.

You can start off with the ten different sustainability themes at Eco-Schools of your choice. In the image below you can see which themes are optionable. This way you help your school and the world to become a more beautiful place. Curious about what you can do? Then read on!

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